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RAC service question

WilhelmOct 17 2017 — edited Oct 17 2017

DB version:

GI version:

OS : Oracle Linux 6.8

I have a 3 node RAC DB. The third instance (WMSPRD3) in Node3 should ideally be used for RMAN backups (L0, L1 and Archivelog backups).

So, I prefer applications to connect to Instance1 (WMSPRD1) or Instance2 (WMSPRD2). So, I am creating a RAC service with the below syntax which I came across in the internet.

I didn't quite understand the bit in red. Will TAF feature be enabled with the below syntax ? Any suggestions/corrections for this syntax ?

srvctl add service -d WMSPRD -s WMSSRV -r WMSPRD1,WMSPRD2 -a WMSPRD3 -l PRIMARY -q FALSE -e NONE -m NONE -w 0 -z 0

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Added on Oct 17 2017
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