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RAC backup with RMAN...put backup on diff file system

572889Jul 6 2007 — edited Jul 17 2007
hello all,

I have not work a lot on SAN storages. One of my client has implementated 9i RAC. Now he wants to Add two more disk in SAN storage (Implemented RAID). So sun engineers will do this but before this i have to take full database backup(80GB database) throught RMAN. The problem or confussion from my side is that the database is on Sun SAN storage and i have to put the Full database backup taken by RMAN on local hard disk on the node (node 1 of rac). Is the possible since the SAN storage is RAW file system (as i guess) and i am putting the backup on local system.

Please help me out ...i have do this in couple of days..

Please tell me prosedure too to how to change the path of backup in RMAN if above is possible..

Its urgent

Thanks and Regards!!

Pankaj Rawat
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Added on Jul 6 2007