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R12 Sourcing Award Approval (PONAWAPR) Workflow Issue

rmotianiDec 18 2013 — edited Dec 18 2013


We are implementing R12.1.3 Financial and Procurement currently at client site.

We modified Sourcing Award Approval workflow to remove "Forward" button. Tested in various Instance, its working fine.

But recently we created another instance which is close to production architecture where we have database on 2 nodes with RAC architecture.

After migrating this workflow, notification on the application still shows the "Forward button" as per standard workflow definition.

When I checked from the Workflow Builder, it shows the modified workflow definition where there is no "Forward" attribute in the notification.

Below is the command used to upload the workflow:

WFLOAD apps/apps 0 Y FORCE SourcingAwardApproval_SIT_Modfd-4.wft

After migrating modified workflow definition, we bounced the DB server & Application server both but still Notification is not correct.

Please advice what could be the issue here.



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