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Questions regarding the development of Java Card Applets

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I'm a researcher who is currently working with Smart Cards and I have some questions about the workings of Java Card.

  1. From a developers point of view, does the storing/accessing of data follow that of ISO 7816 standards? (i.e. Dedicated Files/Elementary Files).
  2. If not, how do applications such as EMV, which use Java Cards, implement the READ RECORD command? (such command takes a record number and a short file identifier) - are they simply emulating the behavior of a 'real' ISO 7816 card?
  3. In the example Writing a Java Card Applet - the users PIN is declared in the applets constructor. If one wanted to use a global pin (shared among all applications, would they use the Global Platform API to retrieve the desired CVM at the beginning of the process command? Or would a reference to this also be declared within the applets constructor?



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