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Question on request via Assess Service

Dennis van ReijnMay 29 2018 — edited May 30 2018

Hi All,

This is the first time I'm using the Assess web service from OPA with multiple entities. I've a problem in producing a correct request.

I'm using the following entities:
- Global
     - the group
          -the individual

I would like to do a request for attributes in the entity the individual.

My first question: Is it true that I need to create instances for the group and for the individual, in order to do my request? This seemed logical to me.

This is my request:






                 <typ:entity id="the_individual">

                      <typ:attribute id="the_individual_bond_line_is_valid_o" outcome-style="value-only"/>





          <typ:entity id="the_group">

               <typ:instance id="group 1">

                    <typ:entity id="the_individual">

                         <typ:instance id="individual 1">

                           <typ:attribute id="the_individual_bond_line_i">



                           <typ:attribute id="the_individual_review_limit_i">










I think I'm doing something wrong with the entities and the entities ID's. For the ID's I used the name I gave to my entities.

This is the response I'm getting:

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:i18n="" xmlns:typ="">










         <faultstring>Unexpected element in outcome configuration: entity</faultstring>




               <typ:message>Unexpected element in outcome configuration: entity</typ:message>






I'm using the 18A version from OPA at the moment and the generic 12.2.1. version from the web service.

Anyone able to help?

Thank you and kind regards,


This post has been answered by Andrew Higginbottom-Oracle on May 29 2018
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