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Question about JMSExpiration

Ogroef-OracleMar 2 2012 — edited Mar 2 2012
At my customer we are sending messages to Topics by using the 'javax.jms'-library and everything goes fine except for the content of the 'JMSExpiration'-field.

All the documentation that I read on how to set this field (in milliseconds) is telling me that when I use the 'Publish'-method from the 'TopicPublisher'-class it will make the sum of the 'TimeToLive'-parameter and the moment that message is send by the Pubblisher.

TimeToLive parameter: 5000 ms (5sec)
Publisher send time: X

When message is consumed by other party the 'JMSExpiration'-filed is holding x+5000, while my customer is asking to have only 5000 in the JSExpiration.

Is there any way how that I can achieve this?
Any comments are appreciated
Also when it is not possible I would like to know (Just for me to know that I read the documentation well) !

Kind Regards
Olivier De Groef
This post has been answered by Nigel Deakin-Oracle on Mar 2 2012
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