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query sysman tables to get the details

User_UEQ6QSep 12 2019 — edited Sep 12 2019

Hi All,

recently our production database crashed. We do not have a backup database, so we had to restore from the backups to some extent. Now we are going through all logs (database logs, system logs...) to figure out what caused the database crash. One thing I need help from you is, I need to query OEM SYSMAN tables to get the details. Since the database is down (due to crash), OEM is throwing errors (IO Error: Network adapter could not establish the connection). I have not queried the sysman tables before, In fact not sure which tables have this information. I can read the oracle documents, but we are in a hurry to find the cause. Please help me with the query or table names that will get me details.

Thank you in advance!

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Added on Sep 12 2019