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Query re. slave creation from physical backup

CobertApr 7 2020 — edited May 11 2020


Hoping all are well here on the forum.

I'm familiar with creating a slave database copy using mysqldump from master, including changing of IDs etc.

I'm now trying to create a slave using conventional file copy, NOT using mysql dump (for reasons of volume).

The creation of slaves using physical backups of mysql databases is not extensively covered unless you are using Xtrabackup or another tool. After creating a cold backup of my MYSQL primary database, and then restoring the databases under mysql matador that I wished, I started slave processes, but received an error concerning the file enumeration

table space id and flags are x and y, but in the InnoDB dictionary they are xx and yy

I did not restore the ibdata file, in hesitance that this was directly related to the (already setup, parameterised) slave database.

I will now try to restore ibdata also, but any advise on restores? I do not wish to blanket overwrite the config on the slave database. Sometimes it gets out of sync and we need to restore it.

Thanks in advance,


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Added on Apr 7 2020