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Query help to clone with certain condition

Ricky007May 16 2024

Please help to clone entries from the userinfo table to the userinfo_clone table with a condition that
if the userid already exists in userinfo_clone, then create a new entry with the same cloneid

create table userinfo
userid number,
usergroup number,
usercode varchar2(20)

insert into userinfo values(2001,2,'HK');
insert into userinfo values(2002,2,'HK');
insert into userinfo values(2003,2,'HK');
insert into userinfo values(1559,2,'UK');
insert into userinfo values(1654,2,'UK');
insert into userinfo values(1765,2,'UK');

create table userinfo_clone
cloneid number,
userid number,
usercode varchar2(20)

ALTER table userinfo_clone add primary key (userid);

insert into userinfo_clone values(50,1559,'UK');
insert into userinfo_clone values(76,1654,'UK');
insert into userinfo_clone values(58,1765,'UK');

I want to clone HK in userinfo_clone table

insert into userinfo_clone (cloneid,userid,usercode) 
select userid,usergroup,usercode from userinfo where usergroup=2;

ORA-00001: unique constraint violated.

insert into userinfo_clone (cloneid,userid,usercode) 
select uc.cloneid,uc.userid,uc.usercode from userinfo ui ,
userinfo_clone uc
where uc.userid=ui.userid
and ui.usergroup=2;

ORA-00001: unique constraint violated.

if the userid matches then add a new entry for HK usercode in the userinfo_clone by having the same clone_id

Expected result after running

select * from userinfo_clone

50 1559  UK
76 1654  UK
58 1765  UK
50 2001  HK
76 2002  HK
58 2003  HK

Please help
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Added on May 16 2024