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Provisioning DBs in a 'Private Database Cloud'

flying_penguinMay 13 2019 — edited May 20 2019

DB version: 19C

OS : Orace Linux 7.6

In my shop, DBA team want to make provisioning of databases a self-service thing for the application team.

ie Application team lead can log in to DBA team's internal portal and specify their Database requirements and a DB will be provisioned for him/her.

For starters, we are planning to build a CDB in a 4 node RAC cluster consisting of Physical servers (Oracle Hardware) with 512 GB RAM on each server. 40 Physical cores (80 CPUs) on each node.This clustered DB will be connected to a Hitachi SAN storage system.

This CDB will host a large , 'common' PDB .

Based on the criticality of the requirement, requestors will be provisioned just a schema in the common PDB or a dedicated pluggable DB if the requirement is more critical.

Inputs in the web portal will be captured in a json file and the Schema or PDB will be created most likely by a bash shell script which will read the json file.

What do you guys think of this idea ? Any comments, recommendations however trivial are welcome.

BTW Is it technically accurate to call this setup a 'Private Database Cloud'?

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Added on May 13 2019