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SMART Authorization


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Provider Credentials for Testing

Lucas De PrettoMar 19 2024

Hello all,

I'm trying to create a simple demo of a standalone launch provider-facing app. The workflow would be for a clinician user to log in, read in Patients related to them and then filter out some of those Patients.

I have all of the auth flow ready, and I tested it out with a (different CernerCode app) Patient login credential, everything works.

I just need a Provider user/password to try the auth with the non-patient Secure Sandbox endpoint. However I couldn't find any login credentials for a Provider user. Not in the documentation, nor in the Public Sandbox Data google doc - there are providers listed there, but none with credentials.

Is there any Provider test user available for the Open Sandbox?

Thank you all!

This post has been answered by Jennifer Hong-Oracle on Mar 22 2024
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Added on Mar 19 2024