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Provide parameter to control/enable/disable ALL Database Options (not only Diag/Tuning Packs)

Loïc Lefèvre-OracleFeb 3 2015 — edited Jan 11 2016


Very often, customers complain about licensing especially the soooooooooooooo easy ability to activate an option.


- create partitioned table in DDL => activate partitioning table

- create AWR report (asked by support) => activate Diagnostics Pack

- create a compressed index => advanced compression

- run a query on OMR (enterprise manager database) on views related to the Diagnostics Pack for a global report => need to license Diagnostics Pack on all related databases

- test SQL Pattern Matching => advanced analytics


This is also mandatory regarding the fact that non-CDB architecture is deprecated and CDB architecture require all options to be linked... and the consolidation journey all customers are taking can have huge impacts now: one developer in one PDB can require licensing of partitioning for the whole server hosting the CDB (sized for numerous PDB) and potentially all CDB where this PDB can be plugged.

So far, it is nearly impossible to control at the database level the activation/deactivation at least for licensing purpose. Also, and to be honest, it is really hard for LMS to provide a SQL script to control every aspects of licensing: the 4th point being a clear example of what is impossible to audit today.

Clearly if Oracle database is able to provide something like this; ALL, absolutely ALL customers will be happy (without talking about analysts community...).

Now, I understand this can have huge impacts on source code.

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Added on Feb 3 2015