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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)

protected access to gif url - problem with extension GIF uppercase !!

843807Sep 20 2002 — edited Sep 22 2002
Hi all !!
Several months ago, I got a strange problem to access to a gif url from an applet. In fact the web directory had a protected access (login/password) and using java plugin (1.3.1) I still received a dialog box asking me the login/password each time I wanted to access a gif image, very annoying endeed but I found out a solution that works even it is not the summun of perfection !!!
(see topic )
Working again on this applet today, I have just realised that if the image takes the extension ".GIF" (uppercase) the dialog box appears and if the extension is ".gif" (lowercase) it doesn't appear !!!!
So is there a way to get round this problem and to a request to a "GIF" file like a "gif" one ??
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