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Prompt values not getting picked in navigation report

JimitApr 30 2013 — edited May 8 2013
I have a request A in a report from which i have setup navigation to another report on the column "Project Name". The target report has the filter "Project Name is prompted", and the project name gets picked up from the source report on navigation.

However, i have a report B which combines 2 similar requests. One request has the field "Project Name" in it, while the other request just has a string in place of "Project Name" because i cant use the "Project Name" field in my second request.

Now, in report B, i have defined exactly the same navigation in the Result Columns on the project name, however the project name does not get picked up automatically when navigating from report B.

Would be great if someone can help.

PS - both reports A and B have only one field in the prompt, which is not the project name.
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