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Prompt connection dropdown on lost connection

Indy MaatDec 6 2023 — edited Dec 6 2023

Dear Developers,

First of all, compliments on this extension. It's great and lets me stay in VS Code as much as possible. I have a small feature request.

Whenever my connection to a database gets lost and I execute a query. The output will be:

ERROR at line <line number>:
Not connected

Current solution

I then need to use the "Oracle: Connect" VS Code command by either:

  1. Press F1 to show all VS Code commands
  2. Search for “Oracle: Connect”
  3. Press enter
  4. Choose my database connection.
  5. Press enter


  1. Click on the connection button in the bottom right corner of VS Code
  2. Choose my database connection
  3. Press enter

Desired solution

If the connection has been lost, and a query is being executed. VS Code prompts the list of Oracle connections, so you get to choose it immediately.

This post has been answered by Christian.Shay -Oracle on Dec 7 2023
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Added on Dec 6 2023