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Programmatically setting filter features

Claus Daldorph NielsenMay 20 2014 — edited May 22 2014

In JDeveloper I am setting the filterCriteria of a table programmatically.

Now I am trying to set the filter features as well but I haven't found any good documentation yet.

What I have found so far is:

Set featureSet = new HashSet();


Iterator criteriaIter = filterCriteria.keySet().iterator();

Map<String, Set> featuresMap = new HashMap<String, Set>();

while(criteriaIter != null && criteriaIter.hasNext()) {

     String keyCr = (String);

     featuresMap.put(keyCr, featureSet);



The above code gives me the following error messages:

Line 2: Unexpected type

Line 9: Add casts to invoke  'setFilterFeatures(Map)'

Any help is appreciated.

This post has been answered by dvohra21 on May 20 2014
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