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Process runs even after validations fail- isn't validation failure supposed to stop execution

George K FortechJul 6 2022 — edited Jul 6 2022

Apex app originally developed in 4.2, then moved to 5.1 and modified, then to 21.2 and modified further. The app is for employees to enter/edit and when ready, submit proposed annual performance goals. There are a bunch of validations (such as item not null, & item 100 characters long) that fire when the button to 'submit to manager' is pressed. (which also does a submit of page) there is a process on same button that sets 2 items, the status and the submit_date items. When the submit_date is set, the page goes into read only mode. This process is firing even if validations fail. I thought it shouldnt be.
If the validations fail, we dont want the goals to be submitted, and we dont want the page to go into read only mode. I could swear this all worked rite when in APEX 5.1- but now have no 5.1 env to test, and couldnt import the app into 5.1 anyway. Thoughts anyone? Thanks

This post has been answered by Paul MacMillan on Jul 7 2022
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Added on Jul 6 2022