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Problems with OIA Server Installation

James Woon - MonadMar 7 2024 — edited Mar 7 2024

I am trying to install Hub locally on an Oracle VM. Although I ran into a couple of issues with this installation, I was able to bypass them but have finally reached a point where I cannot proceed.

Software Versions

  • OIA - v12.2.34.525 (
  • Weblogic - v12.2.1.4 (
  • MySQL - Community v5.6.46.0
  • OS - Windows 10 Enterprise

Current Issue:

Steps taken:

  1. Installed relevant software
  2. Ran install.cmd
  3. I was unable to use install.cmd to directly update the database due to an issue ("Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes"). I bypassed this by modifying the VARCHAR size of an index field, specifically url in IA_ENVIRONMENT, and then ran the SQL script directly into the relevant ("oiahub_opa") - Success
  4. Ran install.cmd again
  5. Created deployment files (no errors encountered, disabled secure cookies)
  6. Set up DataSource in Weblogic, set target
  7. Deployed EAR file to WebLogic and activated. No errors encountered, Hub login page loads fine too.

Upon trying to log in, I am prompted with "An error occurred trying to login".


Weblogic logs/Java error stack trace:


Dev tools payload request/response:

I am unable to locate documentation that can give me an idea of what could possibly be causing the above. There was one main bypass that I had to do as mentioned in step #3 but unsure if this could be causing this problem. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Added on Mar 7 2024