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Problems with exporting to jar with images in eclipse - getting instability

stinkfoot70Apr 30 2018 — edited May 2 2018

I made a cheesy pong game with images that pop up and other distractions. I accessed my images as so:

zappa = new ImageIcon("/images/zappa2.jpg");

(yes, a pony-tailed pic of frank zappa pops up to block part of the screen and then starts moving around as further distraction)

I tried to export as a jar and a runnable jar, but either way, the program worked fine but no pictures showed up in my game.

I read a bunch of stackoverflow forums and found something that semi-worked. I changed the path to:

zappa = new ImageIcon(getClass().getResource("/images/zappa2.jpg"));

When I exported to a jar, the pictures showed in the game! However, whenever I comment out my old path and use the new getResource path, the game becomes very unstable. It only loads a rare number of times out of a set of attempts. In both eclipse and the exported jar, most of the times I try to load the program, I just get an empty frame, and on some occasions, I get game play, but my paddle is unresponsive to the mouse.

I want the stability of my first path, but the pictures exporting correctly of my second path.


Also, what do I want: jar or runnable jar? This is my first GUI program. Previously, I've made text programs, exported to jar, and ran them thru terminal.

Thank you, core

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