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Problems using deployJava.js with Java 7

854422Nov 13 2011 — edited Dec 21 2011
I found problems which vary by browser to the following script in an HTML page on Windows 7:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
Launch me!!!
<script src=""></script>
deployJava.createWebStartLaunchButton("yourAppHere.jnlp", '1.7.0');

The problem shows itself when Java 7 is not yet installed. Note: There is no need to have an actual "yourAppHere.jnlp", since the problems surface prior that being a requirement.

Firefox 8.0:
When the Launch button is clicked on Firefox, a brief dialog with a progress bar appear showing a small download. At completion, a Security Warning dialog appears:
"This Java installer did not come from Sun...". The publisher is shown as Oracle America, Inc.

The install proceeds as normal if the user overides the warning (though eventually missing a real jnlp will catch up with you). I do not know for sure but suspect the problem is with deployJava.js. One fixing this might also want to consider the implications MacOSX port when it is up and ready.

IE 9.0.3:
This browser is a total failure. The initial download dialog progresses to the end, then remains & the session is hung. The dialog is modal, so the only escape other than the power button is killing it via Task Manager.

I am pretty sure these are bugs, but thought would see if others can reproduce Just save html to a file on desktop & double-click. Have these already been reported? Are there other tests that would be good? It has been years since I reported a Java bug, are there directions?

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