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Problem with transaction handling in 4.0.1? ORA-14450

605749Sep 28 2010 — edited Jul 3 2013

sometimes i get a strange behavior in Apex 4.0.1 when i'm using STATIC2-LOV's in item context. In this case it happens from time to time that the following error is being raised:

Rendering of page item Pxx_xxxx raised the following error: ORA-14450: attempt to access a transactional temp table already in use

For instance, i create a checkbox item and define the LOV values with the item (STATIC2:;Y), not with the shared LOV's. In this particulare constellation the error occurs. But when i use a dynamic declaration instead (SELECT null, 'Y' FROM dual) everything works just fine.

But this is not the only time i saw this error. In one of my projects i use global temporary table over database links. This works fine in 3.2.1 but in 4.0.1 i also get the ORA-14450 error. It seems that the remote session always remains open. I can reproduce the error on sqlplus level when i set the procedure call as an autonomous transcation.

I suppose the transaction handling has changed in APEX 4.0.1? Seems that Apex runs every request in an autonomous transaction now?

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