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problem with substitution strings in classic report, apex 19.2

Timo AnnemüllerNov 26 2019 — edited Nov 28 2019


this is my simplified test case:

I created a simple table with a column that contains html, for example this html with a predifined apex link:

<a href="f?p=&APP_ID.:205:&APP_SESSION.::::P1_TEXT_ID:1">f?p=&APP_ID.:205:&APP_SESSION.::::P1_TEXT_ID:1</a>

Now i create an apex 19.2 application with a page with a classic report with a simple sql statement like this:

select test_html from test_table where id = 1

The columns setting is: NO escaping on special caracters

The page has a button and a dynamic action, that reloads the report region dynamic on click.

The result in report in the page (on load and after the dynamic action) is a not usable html link:


-> no substitution of &APP_ID. and &APP_SESSION.

-> but it is possible to reload the report with the dynamic action

Now i change the html expression to get the substitution strings substituted (in the column settings in apex) to this: <div>#TEST#</div>

The result in the report in the page is a usable html link:


-> the substitution of the &APP_ID. and &APP_SESSION. is successful

-> but it is not possible to reload the report with the dynamic action with out an error

console output:

Server debug log message written: View Identifier = 6735, Level = ERROR. https://...

error message in debug:


ERR-1002 Element-ID für Element "P1_TEXT_ID" in Anwendung "1011" nicht gefunden.

translated in english:

ERR-1002 element-id for element "P1_TEXT_ID" not found in application "1011"

I could not find the problem.

Can you help me?

Greeting Timo

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Added on Nov 26 2019