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Problem with setting up VM instance nettworking

Максим ОрищенкоNov 10 2023 — edited Nov 10 2023

So, I'm currently trying to set up a minecraft server. I'm free tier cloud user. My os is ubuntu 22.04. Firstly, I opened only 25565(mineecraft) port for TCP and UDP, but that didn't work. Even more, all port and all protocols ingress rule didn't help as well. I believe I set all ports opend in ubuntu firewall. Then I tought, it can probably be game issue, but I tried another game server, other clients. Result same: no connection. Not even an error. I think, it might be java package("openjdk-17-jre-headless" via “apt”) problem, because games I tried written in it, but I'm not sure

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Added on Nov 10 2023