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Problem with release build app android

jlgutierrezFeb 2 2018 — edited Feb 7 2018


we are trying to execute a build-release of an android application, the command that we execute is:

ojet build app android --release --themes = myTheme --build-config = myBuildConfig.json

but at the time of the uglify task, it fails with this error:

running uglify tasks.....

{ SyntaxError: Unexpected token punc «}», expected punc «,»

    at JS_Parse_Error.get (eval at <anonymous> (/Users/ppxs/Developer/AppEmpresasOjetV4/EntelEmpresasApp/node_modules/uglify-js/tools/node.js:1:0), <anonymous>:86:23)

    at formatError (util.js:646:15)

    at formatValue (util.js:552:18)

    at inspect (util.js:185:10)

    at exports.format (util.js:71:24)

    at Console.log (console.js:43:37)

    at (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@oracle/ojet-cli/lib/tooling/build.js:29:27)

  message: 'Unexpected token punc «}», expected punc «,»',

  filename: 0,

  line: 54,

  col: 0,

  pos: 2093 }

I have done minification of the viewModels by hand and does not have syntax error.

in simple build debug mode, it works without problems ("ojet build android --themes=myTheme")

Unfortunately I can not find a way to do "verbose" or where to see more detail of the error ..

Any suggestion is welcome

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Added on Feb 2 2018