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Problem with page refresh after click on media list row

Yvo BreuerJan 10 2019 — edited Jan 16 2019

Hello community,

I have the following use case:

  1. Page 1: IR with rental agreements. Selecting one opens page 2.
  2. Page 2: This is a Classic Report with related terms to the selected rental agreement. This has the Media List template.
  3. When clicking an occurence of the list I want to refresh the page so that the info in the other regions on this page is based on the id of the selected list row.

Steps 1 and 2 are correct. Step 3 goes wrong when I want to refresh the page. I've tried a lot, but somehow I keep making mistakes and I end up with errors like "Ajax call returned server error ORA-01403: No data found. for Execute PL/SQL Code." or the page seems to refresh but the other regions are not based on the id of the selected list item. I've tried so many things that I can't recall them all anymore.

In my last attempt I tried the following:

  • I've created a hidden item P2_CURRENT_ID.
  • Via the #LINK# column in my query I set the value of this hidden item via:

'javascript:$s(' || chr(39) || 'P2_CURRENT_ID' || chr(39) || ',' || id || ');' as link

  • I've created a Dynamic Action at the on change event of the hidden item. Then I do the action Refresh on the jQuery selector body.
  • This results in nothing. Not even an error. Neither in the console. Probably due to a wrong selector.

I'm a bit blind after all the things I've tried. I guess I need a different approach. So please provide me some clear steps to achieve what I want.

By the way, we're on APEX 18.2 with Oracle 12cR2.

Kind regards, Yvo

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Added on Jan 10 2019