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Problem with OSB's File adaptor Valve for pre-processing

3709314Sep 25 2019 — edited Oct 18 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am buiding an OSB ( service to read an Mircosoft Excel file. As OSB do-not support the same (out of the box), i want to hook the file adaptor with 'a Valve' to do the pre-processing.

The valve i have written will simply read the cells & convert into a CSV File. File adaptor can take care of doing processing the CSV content. Though, i could get this working using SOA. i could not get this done using OSB.

Below are the two error line i see in server :

<> <NXSDTranslatorImpl> <readNativeData> <readNativeData call failed ...>

<> <NXSDTranslatorImpl> <processScalarType> <processScalarType call failed...>

It looks like the pipelines values are not executing before proxy kicks in & NXSD seems to be failing while parsing the content of the file. Attached are the snapshot of the jca file (with pipeline property) and pipeline file content.

Could someone help me to understand what am i doing wrong ? @"Martien van den Akker"


Siva V

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Added on Sep 25 2019