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Problem with LOGIN_THROTTLE.COUNTER on login page

Damir VadasFeb 11 2013 — edited Feb 12 2013

I have login page (desktop, Theme 25) which was a little modified by me. I'm using custom_auth against mine table of users.

Now seems to be running "strange".

Problem seems to be LOGIN_THROTTLE.COUNTER which shows popup but is not down counting (it's freezed with numbers to started number).
Consequence is that I cannot login even when I pass correct credentials.

Comparing your demo app login and mine login page i saw that in mine login page misses the whole bunch of js:
function popupSessionInfo(){var w = open("f?p=4000:34:4600637698482:PAGE:NO:34:F4000_P34_SESSION,F4000_P34_FLOW,F4000_P34_PAGE,FB_FLOW_ID:800543776008,21299,101,21299","winLov","Scrollbars=1,resizable=1,width=700,height=450");if (w.opener == null){w.opener = self;}w.focus();}
function popupViewDebug(){var w = open("f?p=4000:19:4600637698482:::RIR,19:IR_APPLICATION_ID,IR_PAGE_ID:21299,101","winLov","Scrollbars=1,resizable=1,width=700,height=450");if (w.opener == null){w.opener = self;}w.focus();}
apex.jQuery( document ).ready( function() {
until part that starts with:
Apex.jQuery( document ).ready( function() {
which is the same. Missing part is obviously part for throttle counter.

I have tried all browser and they are all the same as result.

I have investigate more and found out that mine Session State Protection -> by Page, shows for login page it is "Dynamic Form" not login type. I'm pretty sure that I have edited original login page and after finding this recreate (delete old and create new Login page) which somehow seems not to be login page.
I'm pretty confused because before such a thing was't happened because before "throttle" was introduced I had no such an errors ... or I was not awre of them.

Any help or suggestion?

Damir Vadas
Oracle x64
Apex listener
This post has been answered by Scott Wesley on Feb 11 2013
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