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Problem renaming UCM files

3284138Jul 26 2016 — edited Jul 31 2016


i've been working with Oracle UCM.

All i have to do is scan some documents, copy those pdf files in the Oracle Content Server, and then i should have access to the site and be able to search those files with their respectives names.

So far so good, but here's where things comes ugly.

Once i am done searching one file, the UCM site doesn't show me the real name, the one that i gave to the scanned pdf. The site shows the name "sitios" ( "sites" in spanish, I'm in a latin country)  instead of the name i gave it in the first place. Do i make my self clear? Could you help me guys? Im loosing it

Sorry about my english, aint my first lenguage.


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Added on Jul 26 2016