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Problem installing Oracle WLS in Eclipse Ganymede

Hermans GerardJul 30 2009 — edited Jul 30 2009

I am running Eclipse 3.4.2 (Gan.) on Windows XP. interaction with 'Bea wls 9.2' from Eclipse is ok.
I have to create a jaxws web service on wls and installed OEPE (this includes also web tier tools, wls tools, common tools).

The I downloaded 'oepe11_wls1031.exe' and the installation of 'oracle wls 10.3' looks ok. I installed on a different bea_home, used the domain creation wizard and I can start the server (startWebLogic.cmd) and it's admin console (I used another port 7002 for 10.3, 7001 in use by 9.2).

Now in Eclipse Windows Preferences I have several installed jre's: Bea 9.2, oracle wls 11gR1, jdk1.5.0_16 and jdk1.6.0_13).
In the Eclipse server tab I try to install a new oracle wls 10.3. Choices are: 'oracle wls 10gR3' and 'oracle wls 11gR1'.

Question 1: why can I choose 11gR1 in Eclipse when I installed wls 10.3?
Question 2: why do the oracle wls have a red icon ('stopped' icon)?

When I choose 'oracle wls 10gR3' in combination with (in Eclipse) 'jdk1.6.0_13 jre' or 'oracle wls 11gR1 jre': "Eclipse needs to be running on a Java VM version 6.0 or newer". When I choose 'oracle wls 11gR1' in combination with (in Eclipse) 'jdk1.6.0_13 jre' or 'oracle wls 11gR1 jre' this message does not appear.
Question 3: does this make sense?
Question 4: how can I install this server, waht should I do?

When I continue with 'oracle wls 11gR1' in combination with (in Eclipse) 'jdk1.6.0_13 jre' or 'oracle wls 11gR1 jre' after choosing the domain the error is: "The server is invalid. Error occurred reading server credential. If the domain was recreated, the server instance in Eclipse must also be recreated. Required classpath for credential detection is missing. Detection is disabled." Rather cryptic for me. I could understand a message like: the 11gR1 server is not installed.
Question 5: is it correct that I should not try to install the 11gR1 server when I installed 'oepe11_wls1031'?

Thanks for your time.
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Added on Jul 30 2009