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Problem in running Swing Components in W2K Advance Server

843807Oct 11 2002 — edited Nov 21 2002
I have a Java program that using Swing for the user interface and it works fine in Windows 2000 Server. However, if I try to run the same program in Windows 2000 Advance Server, it just shows an empty frame with a title bar only. The content inside the frame cannot be seen. I have tried the demo programs that come with J2SDK, but the same result occured.

However, it is interesting that there is no problem in running a Java program that without any UI implemented. The program works fine in DOS prompt mode. Does anyone know the solution of this problem? Is this a bug of W2K Advance Server or Java?

I am using J2SDK 1.4 and 4 Intel Xeon CPUs in the W2K Advance Server.

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Added on Oct 11 2002