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Problem in HSQLDB schema, while creating SystemUserAttr table

655526Aug 8 2012 — edited Aug 19 2012
Hi All,
After a long struggle i somehow managed to come up to post installation step. After the installer successfully pinged my DB connection and HelloCS url it again failed after trying to create the CS system tables inside HSQLDB 2.2.8.

It does create ELEMENTCATALOG, SITECATALAOG and SYSTEMINFO tables, but when it is trying to create SystemUserAttr table it failed due to the below reason
CREATE TABLE SystemUserAttr (id NUMBER(38) NOT NULL, name VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, value VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, urlvalue VARCHAR(255) NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id, name, value))
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: type not found or user lacks privilege: NUMBER

The data type Number is not recognized by HSQLDB, instead Numeric is working. But how do i change it in the installer. The installer failed to locate/execute the corresponding load script for HSQLDB. Is different load script available for different data dialect?

How can i change this load script? Becuase of this, eventhough the application deployed successfully i was not able to login into the URL http://localhost:8080/cas/login using fwadmin/xceladmin

The url http://localhost:8080/cs/HelloCS is working fine and it is giving the embedded status when i am seeing the source file as
*<!--FTCS|||result=It worked!|||reason=Success|||err=0|||command=Test CS jar install|||params=test=true|||-->*

I am in the last step, if it is working i can start my work.


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