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Problem Deploying JAR File to Database

MovingTargetOct 16 2008
In short, my question is:

Can you deploy a JAR file to the database without "exploding" its contents?

I am using JDeveloper with Oracle 10g and I have compiled my files to support JDK 1.3. I want to deploy these files and a single JAR file, but when I do so, the JAR file decomposes loading each individual file. It then tries to resolve them which results in a very recursive process to resolve/re-compile. I would suspect that since the JAR file is compiled to a JDK version supported by the Oracle JVM JDK, further "compiling" and resolving should not be necessary. The JAR file in-question is an open source library which I reference in my Java code. It contains approximately 500 files and the recursive resolving/compiling is taking more than 24 hours to process.

My deployment properties are as follows:
Loadjava Options:
- Force loading of all files (-force)
- Enable verbose output (-verbose)
- Enable SQL logging (-debug)
- Specify upload schema (-schema)
- Grant execution privilege to users (-grant) public
- Load dependent classes before other classes that use them (-order)
File Groups:
Project Output:
- File group name: Project Output
- Project Source Path
- Filter selecting JAR archive and Project files

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Locked on Nov 13 2008
Added on Oct 16 2008