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Problem connecting remote database from Linux C application

Stefano MoraOct 25 2023 — edited Oct 25 2023

Hi all,

I'm writing a C application on embedded Linux board.

I downloaded the sdk + basiclite 19_19 packages for linux arm64 architecture.

The program is compilable and runnable but when I try to connect by OCIServerAttach() or OCILogon2() calls, after a while (cause the server is not reachable) both crash with:

./ line 1: 16210 Illegal instruction sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/oracle/instantclient_19_19/ LANG=it ./mytest

I'm wondering why I cannot handle this case.

Are the arm64 libraries compatible with aarch64 architecture??



I had a try with sqlplus tool and again, after a timeout, it crashes with ‘Illegal instruction’ msg.

I had a try with same C code but on other Linux box with 21_12 and x64 libraries: after some time the ServerAttach() returns -1 (as expected..)

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Added on Oct 25 2023