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Problem adding a new Entry Account when in Add New OCI Account Entry

user-9ay89Oct 11 2023 — edited Oct 12 2023

I have already followed the steps up to creating the config file using the OCI CLI Tool from this tutorial:

When I try the credentials the following error occurs: CanĀ“t read the PEM format private key from the .pem file. Private RSA keys encrypted with other than AES algorithm are not allowed for signing REST calls.

When creating the config file, I am prompted to choose whether or not I want a passphrase for the private key. If I choose to have a passphrase the error shown above ocurrs. If I choose to not have a passphrase the error message shows that it is not allowed to have a private key without a password.

I am currently working with Visual Studio 2019.

Am I doing something wrong when creating the config file, or is there a way in which I can specify the algorithm in which the keys are encrypted? Does it have to do with something on the installation of the extension of oracle in Visual Studio? Is there any other way in which I can make a connection from Visual Studio 2019 to an Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud?

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Added on Oct 11 2023