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Printer page setup is not sync with report page setup


Hi experts,
Good day
I am using Oracle 6i and 10g 10.20.30 database.
I am using two printers in my application.
3 inch barcode printer and another printer to take A5 and A4 invoice.
My concern is while selecting and changing printer before printing, the printer margin takes the page setup of previously selected printer.
I am displaying preview first and send to print upon demand.
Kindly help me how to change printer margin to the default margin of the selected printer.
From the page setup dialogue box, i will choose right page setup. But after this, when I change printer, that setup is not working.
One print will come in wrong page setup first. After that again i want to set set the page setup. Later onwards, print will come in the right way.
Please help me how to solve this issue and handle this situation.
Thank you.

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Added on Oct 26 2022
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