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Primavera P6 - I need help in changing unit for Budgeted Units and Budgeted Units/Time

User_3ZFNXJul 6 2022

How it should be.pngmy view.pngResources View.pngIn the first image, you can see the units showing for each resource in columns Budgeted Units and Budgeted Units/Time. This screenshot is from a video lecture.
The second image, is my view on Primavera P6. I am not getting the same units for the same columns.
In the Third Image, You can see my resources tab. I have selected the resource Supervisor and under column units & prices, you can see columns Date, Max Units/Time and Standard Rate. How do I change the unit of column Max Units/Time from d/d to h/d?

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Added on Jul 6 2022