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Previous 3 Months Data from a Prompt.

959186May 8 2013 — edited May 8 2013
I am trying to go back 3 months from a selected month via prompt using this formula

timestampadd(sql_tsi_month, -3, EVALUATE('TO_DATE(%1,%2)' as timestamp,'01/'||substring("Time"."Month",8,2)||'/'||substring("Time"."Month",1,4), 'dd/mm/yyyy'))


TIMESTAMPADD(SQL_TSI_MONTH, -3, substring("Time"."Month",8,2)||'/'||'01'||'/'||substring("Time"."Month",1,4)AS DATE))

This formula is working in 'edit formula' for a column but not working for filter. In the edit formula by writing this only the column headers are going back 3 months but the data is not. I guess this is how the edit formula works. So i tried to put this in Filter. But it is throwing an error.

ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected at OCI call OCIStmtFetch. [nQSError: 17012] Bulk fetch failed. (HY000).

i need help soon.