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Prevent queries from killing my dev server

Álvaro GonzálezNov 11 2015 — edited Nov 12 2015

I'm running Oracle 10g XE in a Windows Server 2003 box somewhere in our LAN to power a PHP application running on a local Apache/2.4 server in my Windows 7 PC. I've a couple of queries with inline views that —all of a sudden— apparently need several hours to complete, while they should run in a few seconds (and that's what they used to do until some revisions ago).

The problem is that I cannot even diagnose the issue because everything I try (run my app or even calculate the explain plan) stays running endlessly and prevents any other page from the site from loading until I log into the Windows Server box using Terminal Services and manually restart Oracle. The whole restart takes several minutes.

As far as I know there isn't a query timeout feature in the OCI8 PHP extension and my attempts to configure Oracle to kill long running queries automatically have hit a wall of endless technical documentation and custom PL/SQL scripts beyond my area of expertise.

Is there anything relatively simple I could do to mitigate this issue?

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