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Pragmatically edit Peoplecode

3599071Feb 27 2018 — edited Feb 28 2018

Hi, I have one requirement in my business that has event mapping to be configured for the components. In 8.55 event mapping there is a bug where the event mapping applied for the prebuild component level would not get triggered for the component with search record. The component without search record works as expected. The only problem is with those components with search record. In order to resolve the issue we simply would write a line of code in components Prebuild event to make the event mapping work. But we are trying to create a custom logic to make this work.

My question here is, can we check if the components prebuild code is blank? I know we can search it in a record(PSPCMPROG). But after checking if the code is present or not in the event, I need to add a line of code in the component's event through my custom peoplecode. Can someone tell me if its doable in peoplecode?

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