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Post steps to upgrading a Physical Standby Databases from 11g to 12c.

evelio.dominguezMay 12 2020

I have a production Oracle server SitaA running Oracle on Windows Server 2012 R2 with two databases (DB-A and DB-BP).  I also have a secondary Oracle server SiteB also running Oracle on Windows Server 2012 R2 with  two databases (DB-C and DB-BS).  Databases DB-A and DB-C are standalone and reside only on their respective servers while DB-BP and DB-BS are a primary/standby pair connected via Data Guard.

I needed to install the Oracle binaries on the two servers but only upgrade the DB-BP/DB-BS databases to 12c and leave the other two at 11g for awhile more.

My production application points to DB-BP while I perform RMAN backups from DB-BS.  Prior to upgrading DB-BP, I shutdown the DB-BS because I wanted to use the standby database as a fallback in case there was an issue with the primary database upgrade.  I successfully upgraded DB-BP from 11g to 12c and it is working fine.  Next I copied the PFILE and PWD file for DB-BS from the 11g Home to the 12c Home on SiteB and mounted DB-BS from the 12c Home.  I started MRP on DB-BS but no archivelog files got transferred over.  The alert file on DB-BP shows the error:

FAL[server]: Version mismatch (FAL client ver: 3,  FAL server ver: 100)

So I manually copied and registered the archivelog files generated during the upgrade of DB-BP (100 files) from SiteA to SiteB.  Those got applied on DB-BS and eventually all the other files got transferred over and applied via Data Guard.  What I did not notice is that the Oracle services running on SiteB for DB-BS were not changed like they were for DB-BP on SiteA.  Especially the service OracleServiceDB-BS is still pointing to the 11g Home.  Also in a TRM file for DB-BP I see repeated entries like:

*** 2020-05-12T12:01:51.265925-04:00

Software version mismatch: found 2 wanted 300

ORA-16063: destination evicted from collective process

*** 2020-05-12 12:01:51.656591 5634 krsh.c

Error 16063 for archive log file 3 to 'DB-BS'

*** 2020-05-12 12:01:51.656591 8506 krsi.c

krsi_dst_fail_caller: LAD:3 err:16063 force:0 blast:1

krsd_multidest_clear: Clearing Multidest for LAD:3

*** 2020-05-12 12:01:51.656591 1440 krss.c

krss_req_xpt_async_dgrd: Downgraded LAD:3 to single destination

ORA-16063: destination evicted from collective process

ORA-16063: destination evicted from collective process

What does this mean?  Was there some other post-upgrade steps that I missed to make sure that DB-BS was truly upgraded?

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Added on May 12 2020