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Positioning an image which is a link

Howard (... in Training)Jul 2 2013 — edited Jul 8 2013

Using Oracle 11.2, Apex, Windows 7 Enterprise, IE 8, Theme 17 Sapphire with unmodifed Reports Region and Standard Reports templates.

I have a report region of type SQL Query.  (I hope that's the correct way to identify it.)  I have controlled display width and padding for various items in the report using an HTML Expression like: [span style="padding: 8px 0px 0px 0px; width: 60px; display: block; white-space: normal;"]#RUN_DT#[/span] for the RUN_DT item/column.

Note: I've substituted [ ] for the &lt &gt brackets in the above.  This approach has worked well for all but the first column of the report which is the pencil-paper image for Edit.

Question:  What do I put in the Link Text or Link Attributes to position the "EDIT" image as I have positioned the other data items?  In Link Text, I have: '[img src="# IMAGE_PREFIX #e2.gif" padding="50px" border="0" ]'.  The link works but the image is not positioned on the line so as to align with the other items.  Of course, I have tried many variants there and in Link Attributes.  The only thing I am able to effect is image width.  I found no combination of "padding," "cellpadding," or "padding-top" which had an effect on position.  There is so little documentation on the Link Text field (that I am able to access), that it's hard to know what attributes can go there or how to format them.

Has anyone had success changing the position (up/down, left/right) of the edit image on the data line?



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