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Popups autoCancel

khalil ramNov 28 2015 — edited Dec 1 2015


Please Help, I'm working on a project with adf JDevelopper and I have a problem with pop-ups autoCancel that took me 10 days without any results and it's giving me nightmares.

i have a main page which call a popup That contain a taskflow as a region, "SOMETIMES" when i click on actions (Commit or rollback) Even If the partialSubmit attribute of the button is setted to true it's Causing the main page refresh.

in the taskFlow i have 2 ViewObjects  to skip THE "JBO-25014: Another user Has Changed the row with primary key oracle.jbo.Key" error i override the method after_commit of These Vos:

public void afterCommit (TransactionEvent transactionEvent) {

          executeQuery ();

         super.afterCommit (transactionEvent);


and i'm calling the commit action from the backing bean for the taskFlow region :

    public String actionOnCommitEnvoi(){

        DCIteratorBinding iterPlanif = (DCIteratorBinding)UtilityBean.getBindings().get("PlanifIntgrEnt1Iterator");


        Key planifKey = iterPlanif.getCurrentRow().getKey();

        DCIteratorBinding iterEvop = (DCIteratorBinding)UtilityBean.getBindings().get("PlanifSuivi1Iterator");

        Key evopKey = iterEvop.getCurrentRow().getKey();      




        return null;


In the main page :

code for calling the pop-up :

<af:commandButton text="Gestion des Envois" id="rppcb2" clientComponent="true" >

                                    <af:clientAttribute name="tab" value="#{}"/>

                                    <af:showPopupBehavior popupId="rppidPopUpEnvoi" triggerType="action"/>


i need to pass parameters to the taskFlow region so i use a popup with eventContext Launcher :

<af:popup id="rppidPopUpEnvoi" launcherVar="source" contentDelivery="lazyUncached"

                                      eventContext="launcher"  autoCancel="disabled"



     <af:dialog title="Gestion des Envois" id="rppd3" stretchChildren="first" type="ok" affirmativeTextAndAccessKey="Fermer">


                    <af:region value="#{bindings.GestionEnvoi1.regionModel}" id="rppr3"



             <af:setPropertyListener from="#{}" to="#{}" type="popupFetch"/>


an finnaly the popupFetchListener to refresh the region is :

  public void popupEnvoiFetchListener(PopupFetchEvent popupFetchEvent) {



what i need is to skip the main page refresh (reloading all the view objects of the main which not in the same Application module with the vo in the taskflow region) and avoid the popup autocancel .


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