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Java Security

Policy files

843811Jul 26 2001 — edited Jul 27 2001

Anyone with experience with policy files?

I have this ibn a policy file. I load it using the property :\pathh\...\raul_jaas.cfg

And in the policy file is:

grant Principal NTUserPrincipal "my_user_name"
permission com.mycomp.raul.RaulPermission "RaulPermissionName";

The access is denied all the time.
(Oh, I am using JAAS Nt modules for the LoginContext and Principals).

If I add:

permission com.mycomp.raul.RaulPermission "RaulPermissionName";

To the grant list of the java.policy then it works fine, I am allowed. But java.policy doesnt allow to include principals.

When I tried to get the permissions in the accessController, in the first case I dont get the perm, although if I make syntax errors in that policy file it complains "loudly".
In the second case, adding the permission to the java.policy it loads it like unresolved, but works fine after, when I call it.

Another solution that I didnt try yet, could be to create my own Policy implementation, that means use it instead ( only one can survive ). I have to add my class, in this case, to the rt.jar or set the bootpath of the VM to the dir where it is.

Any help or comments?

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