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Podcast Show Notes: Cloud Architect: Rising to the Role

Bob Rhubart-OracleNov 10 2015 — edited Feb 17 2016

Each year at Oracle OpenWorld I manage to talk a group of already-busy architects into crowding into my tiny hotel room for a round table discussion on some interesting, timely topic. OpenWorld 2015 was no exception.

The catalyst for this year's conversation was Cloud Transformation Strategy: Part IV: Role of Cloud Architects, a short article on LinkedIn written by Oracle ACE Director Ron Batra, a man with considerable experience as a cloud architect. I spoke to Ron about putting a podcast together, and then put out the usual call for additional panelists.I could not have been happier with the response, and with the ensuing conversation. Though in retrospect a bigger hotel room might have been a good idea. Have a listen.



Oracle ACE Director Frank Munz, Director, Munz & More


@"Community Profile"


Oracle ACE Director Ron Batra, Sr. Dir. of Innovation, CTO Office, Equinix



Oracle ACE Director Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Managing Partner, eProseed


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Oracle ACE Director Simon Haslam, Founder, Veriton Ltd, Co-founder, OBox Products


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Oracle ACE Associate Arturo Viveros, Senior IT Architect, S&P Solutions


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Oracle ACE Director Sten Vesterli, Senior Principal Consultant, Scott/Tiger


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  • Listen to Part 1: A panel of six architects with extensive cloud computing experience discuss the skills and qualifications that define the emerging role of the cloud architect.

  • Listen to Part 2: As cloud computing grows, the job market will split between cloud providers and cloud consumers. Where you land will depend on your specific skills.

  • Listen to Part 3: How is the expansion of cloud computing driving the evolution of IT skills? What skills are hot?

  • Listen to Part 4: What "soft skills" will cloud architects require? How will the commodification of the cloud affect the market for IT skills?

  • Listen to Part 5: The opinions of the panelists vary in this discussion of the most important move you can make to insure your success as a cloud architect.


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