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PNG Image Display in Firefox

JessicaWilsonAug 13 2016 — edited Aug 22 2016

Using Apex 4.2.5

Intermittently in Firefox only, some of the png images fail to appear.  So for example on the login page, sometimes we get the right side of the button image, sometimes the left, sometimes neither and sometimes both.  The images appear correctly in IE and Chrome consistently.  These are the standard apex button images and we're using ORDS (not sure of the version).  If I call the button image URLs directly, sometimes Firefox prompts me to download the .png file and other times shows me a page of gibberish:



IHDR��� ���   ���RÇg ��� tEXtSoftware�Adobe ImageReadyqÉe<�� 5IDATxÚ”TÍkÔP ÿ½äm6Ö^ödÛÿÁÊ

Ò“ ÿ {ñ ñ.HQð"ÒzðâÉs{  < ÁK [¿@+( îJ×ÒeµºB{X u³›—lòâ¼d“}»*­ †ÌLfÞÌüæM؍›‹? €˜ FO $Z»Ýnííî¾ Â{j ¬Ç ËrÕ—Ô'õb1 þBžçáËÎ7T«Ÿðvc£ö£Ù¼mÛÎC°Ï?ƒuÚßÿ…{÷ àÅógw ǹf0#Énà 41q óW.ãÌÜÜU_ˆÅ¬ìC gtéâ œœ½ÕétNÿw°¢óç΢T*Ý‘‘´Œ(Š 8 ‰59³ë¬à™žšÄ±™™ã 'Œ   ôzèõ9‘Cz ©¬³ ~’½\.£Àù)Þ Ã¡Ùe³D¢ësIMÂ÷15y cããÓ\•“ÅÅÃ~¹¬ d,“ò9çc<Ì3c$›~ã”J c0é E2±p Núœ ; nn  a ´“ÌIe ¨_6ý Ì®lT. ¯è¸îNÚó(*úaêx€ 7MT* c)å:¤Lû

fù–¥¦ô¢ea»ÞÀçZí -I…GÔs¾bZPb‹³òc˜T®  «OViK½ëEÛ–CeT˜S±X¤K `eå ¶·¶æmÇù´ðG@¿Mf 0‰UæïÍ&ÖÖÖ¼Úææ‚c;Ë9ðž' (÷ VºëºhµZ¨×ë¨V*/}ß_ ]~34µ¥¥åÚ@U³6 ¯Gíu»Ýw ëkú ­[ Ö(ý `�qQT_É•T{����IEND®B`‚

Behavior has also been noticed on the calendar widget where the forward/backward icons don't show.  Any idea how to track this issue down?


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Added on Aug 13 2016