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Please, provide the simplest way to subscribe the learing Java for free.

SureshKoumarMar 3 2021

Hi Team,
I am not sure if this is the right place to post my openion. But, what I want to say is.
Team. I am a Java developer working in a Salesforce based company and what I am feeling is that Java is about to vanish very soon. Which I donot want to happern.
Thats how I feel because, learing Java is not feasible and easily accessible content for new begineeers.
If you see the salesforce material is fee for new begineers and its lot to learn.
But, samilar if is look for Java then I find thousands of dolars to buy the learning matetial from ooracle.
This is very bad feeling when I want to lean something from Oracle.
Documents are free and bacics content is free. But, I actually wants to appear for Oracle Java certificate and for that I want to prepare from Oracle which is not possible for me to pay lots of amount.

Please, check MuleSoft that also has lost of freely accessible material for new learner.
Kotlin is also there. Python is also there.

Even though Java is sufficient enough to stand unique even in this competitive world.
What I am worred about is Java may loose its existance very soon. If Oracle fail to attract major sector for freshers who want to learn Java. And also developer like me who want to advance their knowledge and update themself.

In short I find it difficult to access Learning material of Java from oracle for free. This is bad.
And mostly I am looking foreword for video learning material.

Hope I was able to put my concern and point.
Suresh Koumar

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Added on Mar 3 2021
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