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New to Java

Please help with my Eclipse problem(Beginner)

Nhuy VanJun 25 2014 — edited Jul 1 2014

Hi guys, I am not sure if I posed here is correct or not, I have an issue with Java SE 8 in Eclipse, but I can't find the section for Java SE at all. But please kindly help. Here is the problem, I installed Java 1.8_05 in Eclipse, but somehow it doesn't recognize the "default" keyword in an interface at all. I created a simple interface, but it gave a compile-time error as below:

public interface Simple {

    default void eat() {            //Here, on this line in Eclipse, it highlights the "default" keyword with a red error indicator at the beginning of the line and tells me to delete the "default" token.




I don't know how to correct this, please please help. Thank you very very much for your time and everything.

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