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PL/SQL Trigger Issue.

M.broOct 31 2018 — edited Oct 31 2018

Hi All,

I am using 11g Database. I writing the trigger in 3 different tables.

Example Table Name : Table_TRG_1   ,  Table_TRG_2 , Table_TRG_3

Trigger Name : TRG_Table_TRG_1,  TRG_Table_TRG_2, TRG_Table_TRG_3


Examples : Table_TRG_1   -- Insert new records in Table_TRG_1 trigger will fire and insert into the value to Table_TRG_2. (Trigger Name TRG_Table_TRG_1)

Table_TRG_2 --- If insert the new records in this table trigger will fire based on the condition update the few other fields.  (Trigger Name : TRG_Table_TRG_2).

Table_TRG_3 --- If some field will update in Table_TRG_2 then record should be deleted in Table_TRG_2 and move it Table_TRG_3.

I am mutating error will occurred. It should be table there is no view and there is like chain process (Automation  process.)

Note : Table_TRG_2 Some time insert the new or some time update the particular field then i will raised the trigger :TRG_Table_TRG_2

thanks & Regards


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Added on Oct 31 2018