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pl/sql interview questions

bandarupalliOct 16 2013 — edited Oct 17 2013

Thanks in advance

1.. what is mutating table error? how can you solve that problem?

i think using instead of triggers we can do that.. is it?

2. can we create a public synonym of our own object without entering sysdba account?

i think no.. is it?

3. suppose i have a procedure which had a bunch of queries, among them say 3 queries are using more resources then how can we track them?

i dont know how to do that without writing explain_plan individually... please tell me

4. will the snapshot of data will be stored in the RAM , where will it be stored exactly.

yes it will be stored on RAM upto 10000 rows, after that it will fetches next set of rows.

5. how to delete 100 tables or 100000 tables' data from the schema without writing delete statement for no.of times. write an sql statement to do that job.

sql> delete from (select table_name from user_tables where ....);

6. suppose an error occured in the execution of procedure in the for loop body what will be happened? if the error occured, how to continue the program without exiting. write an example.

i think if we put the loop in embedded block, then the error will be handled by respective exception_handler of that block and cursor passed to the next block then program runs smoothly.

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