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Pivot Grid Data Source Error

StevenDesMar 11 2020 — edited Mar 11 2020

Using the Pivot Grid Wizard, I am attempting to build a Pivot grin from a PeopleSoft Query

The query executes correctly and has the following expression: :

  • Aggregate Function
  • Signed Number
  • 12, 2
  • Use as Field

In the Pivot grid I am using this calculated field as a value field as my Y-Axis. When I attempt to go step 5 "Build the Pivot Grid" - I get the following error:

"Generic error while executing the Query datasource. (268,91) PT_PGPACKAGE.PT_PGInformation.OnExecute  Name:ExecuteChart  PCPC:107091  Statement:1760

Called from:PTPG_WIZ_DISP.Activate  Statement:422"

However I do not get the error if I use either C.MERCHANDISE_AMT or E.MERCHANDISE_AMT as my Y-Axis. So does the Pivot grid support Expression value fields on the Y-Axis? Or is there something else I am missing?


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Added on Mar 11 2020